We’re a one-stop
litigation shop.

For all your criminal, civil
and regulatory needs.


We’re a one-stop
litigation shop.

Criminal, regulatory, and civil. We have experience in all of these proceedings, and we bring it all together for clients who need advice in multiple areas at once. See “What We Do” for more information.

We know how
to litigate.

We are ‘battle-tested’. We have examined countless witnesses, argued motions, applications, trials, disciplinary proceedings, and appeals. We’ve been to all levels of Court in Ontario. See the partner biographies for more information.

We’re a real team.

Goddard Nasseri LLP is founded by two U of T law graduates who have been close friends and peers for a decade. We have a genuine, shared vision about how to run a top tier litigation boutique that puts its clients first.

We run a smart practice.

We are largely paperless. We minimize overhead. We ‘game-plan’ our cases at the outset so we’re not making crucial decisions on the fly. The result of all of this – our clients save money and pay only for top quality legal work.

We actually ‘get’
excellent client service.

We’ve worked at leading boutiques. We know how to provide high quality service by (i) listening to our clients, (ii) responding to and reporting to them in a timely fashion; and (iii) providing them with excellent work product and representation.