What we do

We help people solve what are often the toughest problems they’ve ever faced. We have taken countless civil, criminal and regulatory cases from start to finish. We’re never afraid to go to trial or a hearing to fight for our clients, but we also know that trials are stressful, time consuming and expensive — so we work tirelessly to wrestle great settlements from the other side wherever we can. Keep reading to learn more about our experience and practice areas.

About Justin and Owen

Advice & Opinions

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide people, companies and associations with strategic legal advice and opinions, even in cases where litigation may not be pending. We give good advice because we have a broad range of experience in many different areas and we are skilled and experienced trial and appeal lawyers. Our services in this area include:

  • Assisting other lawyers and law firms with strategic advice during trials, including how to prepare a record for an expected appeal;
  • Providing clients with advice and opinions on potential criminal, civil, or regulatory liability (and advising clients who may face multiple proceedings at once);
  • Risk management and liability advice;
  • Reviewing contracts for enforceability, litigation risk, etc.;
  • Providing opinions on the merits of an appeal or judicial review proceeding