What we do

We help people solve what are often the toughest problems they’ve ever faced. We have taken countless civil, criminal and regulatory cases from start to finish. We’re never afraid to go to trial or a hearing to fight for our clients, but we also know that trials are stressful, time consuming and expensive — so we work tirelessly to wrestle great settlements from the other side wherever we can. Keep reading to learn more about our experience and practice areas.

About Justin and Owen

Appellate Litigation

We are experienced appeal lawyers. People often make the mistake of trying to re-argue the same case they argued at the original hearing in front of an appeal court. This doesn’t work. Appellate litigation is a different game with different rules. There are rarely more than one or two real arguments worth pursuing in an appeal. We have spent years honing our skills in appellate litigation and developing the instincts to find the best argument and focus on what matters. We do appeals in many different fields including:

  • Criminal and civil appeals of all kinds
  • Leave to appeal motions
  • Judicial review
  • Administrative appeal and review applications including applications to HPARB for review of decisions made by RHPA committees
  • Opinions work to assess merits of an appeal