What we do

We help people solve what are often the toughest problems they’ve ever faced. We have taken countless civil, criminal and regulatory cases from start to finish. We’re never afraid to go to trial or a hearing to fight for our clients, but we also know that trials are stressful, time consuming and expensive — so we work tirelessly to wrestle great settlements from the other side wherever we can. Keep reading to learn more about our experience and practice areas.

About Justin and Owen

Criminal Defence

We defend people and companies charged with criminal offences under the Criminal Code and other statutes (like the Competition Act, the Provincial Offences Act, and many others).  Our firm has the expertise and judgment to analyze a case, determine all available defences (including under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms), litigate at trial, or negotiate resolutions when appropriate. We also frequently litigate criminal appeals.

We have experience with all kinds of criminal charges, from complex white collar crime to murder, sexual assault, and drug offences.

Our criminal practice includes defending charges such as:

  • Homicide (including manslaughter and murder)
  • Assault (including sexual assault)
  • Theft & robbery
  • Impaired driving
  • White collar crime (including breach of trust, money laundering, and fraud)
  • Drug offences (including possession, importation, and trafficking)
  • Bail hearings and reviews