What we do

We help people solve what are often the toughest problems they’ve ever faced. We have taken countless civil, criminal and regulatory cases from start to finish. We’re never afraid to go to trial or a hearing to fight for our clients, but we also know that trials are stressful, time consuming and expensive — so we work tirelessly to wrestle great settlements from the other side wherever we can. Keep reading to learn more about our experience and practice areas.

About Justin and Owen

Professional Liability

Our ability to handle criminal, civil, and regulatory proceedings makes it an ideal firm for professional liability matters. Our experience includes prosecuting and defending health professionals in front of a regulator, providing counsel to professionals charged with criminal offences, and suing and defending professionals in civil proceedings for things like professional negligence.

We are well-equipped to represent you in criminal, civil, and regulatory proceedings whether you are a professional who is facing one or more of these cases, or you are an individual who needs advice about pursuing a regulatory complaint or starting an action against a professional you believe has wronged you.

Our services in this area include:

  • Bringing and defending professional liability actions (including actions for negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, misrepresentation, etc.)
  • Representing professionals before their professional bodies in complaints, investigations, and discipline proceedings;
  • Appeals and judicial reviews of regulatory decisions including review hearings in front of the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board