What we do

With our varied backgrounds, broad practices, and fearless approach to advocacy, we’ve created a firm equipped to deal with criminal, civil, and regulatory cases. See below to learn about the breadth of our practice.

About Justin and Owen

Real Property Litigation

We understand that few things are as personal, valuable, or important as someone’s real property. Courts have described property rights as ‘sacrosanct’, and we agree with this description whether it’s your office building, house, condominium, or cottage. We pride ourselves on having the experience and know-how to deal with property litigation including:

  • Negotiating resolutions of property deals which are in jeopardy or where a dispute has arisen
  • Bringing and defending actions for breach of contract for a residential or commercial agreement of purchase and sale, including actions for negligent or fraudulent misrepresentation about the property being sold, latent defects, etc.
  • Dealing with relief from forfeiture of deposit issues.
  • Bringing and responding to Injunctions to restrain property-related torts such as trespass or nuisance.
  • Bringing or defending actions against real estate agents and brokers for negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, etc.
  • Property disputes over title and boundaries including claims for adverse possession and easement
  • Fencing disputes
  • Bringing and defending actions for negligence, trespass, and other property-related torts