What we do

We help people solve what are often the toughest problems they’ve ever faced. We have taken countless civil, criminal and regulatory cases from start to finish. We’re never afraid to go to trial or a hearing to fight for our clients, but we also know that trials are stressful, time consuming and expensive — so we work tirelessly to wrestle great settlements from the other side wherever we can. Keep reading to learn more about our experience and practice areas.

About Justin and Owen

Regulatory Defence / Administrative

Sometimes professionals need help responding to inquiries, investigations, or proceedings instituted by their regulatory college. We have extensive experience advising and defending professionals (particularly those regulated by the Regulated Health Professions Act), and Owen Goddard also has experience prosecuting for a college. We understand the importance of providing prompt and wise advice to professionals whose livelihood may be at stake, and we are fearless in our representation of them before professional bodies. Our services in this area include:

  • Representing and defending individuals at professional colleges in respect of inquiries, complaints, investigations, licensing matters, and disciplinary hearings;
  • Providing regulatory advice to corporations including medical and health product clinics in Ontario;
  • Inquests;
  • Applications and hearings before administrative tribunals;
  • Extensive experience in health law and RHPA matters including advice and representation on registration matters, responses to complaints, and disciplinary proceedings. We have experience both defending and prosecuting in RHPA colleges. We also have experience providing advice and representation in hospital privilege disputes, PHIP disputes, and quality of care reviews.